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Fairline Squadron 48 exterior

Fairline Boats

Fairline Boats Ltd is a British luxury motor yacht builder, currently owned Better Capital. The company has … [Read More...]

Sailing Yachts

CNB 76 Exterior

CNB Yachts

CNB (Construction Navale Bordeaux) founded by Dieter Gust and Olivier Lafourcade on the right bank of the … [Read More...]

Yachting News

Fishing with a Bertram 60 around Greece

Again, About Bertram Yachts

When I wrote about Bertram Yachts in September 2014, I had no idea that they will change hands again. Their official site doesn't give a clue about who exactly is the owner at the moment, except this: 2015 Bertram was acquired by a 54' Bertram owner and he has given a mandate that the brand be returned to its American Roots. But if you are not taking them too serious, you will find the next announcement made on April 9, 2015: "The Gavio Group has officially acquired US sportfish yacht … [Read More...]


dinghies on a shore

To Use or Not to Use a Broker

I have recently found a new set of questions related to the subject of using or not a broker in the process of buying or selling the boat, and they were answered by a nice guy, who allegedly helped the respective publisher to the acquisition of a brand new boat. Unfortunately he works for a brokerage corporation and some of his answers were obviously biased by his employer's policies. I want to re-enforce that I do not like brokers in general. I can act like one, because I actually was one of … [Read More...]

Tips & Practical Things

Boat in Cumbria

Regulations, Classification and Certificates

Boat builders from everywhere have to respect certain building and security standards. They must get a handle on all the different boat building standards, rules and regulations that were ever produced. Most countries subscribe to some published set of guidelines, codes or laws that a boat builder must follow in order to sell a boat in that country. Fortunately, there is parity between many of the different international regulatory bodies that create these standards, so in most cases there are … [Read More...]


Typical Center Console Boat

Center Console Boat Definition

Center console is a type of single-decked open hull boat where the console of the boat is in the center of the boat. There is a cabin on some models, these cabins are usually located in the bow and hold small berths for sleeping. The boat deck surrounds the console so that a person can walk all … [Read More...]