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Grand Soleil 47 exterior

Grand Soleil

Grand Soleil is a sailing yachts' brand built in Cantiere del Pardo, Bologna, Italy, since 1974, when they … [Read More...]

Fountaine Pajot Salina 48 Evolution

Fountaine Pajot

The company was founded in 1976 by Jean François Fountaine and three partners, near La Rochelle, in France, of … [Read More...]

Dufour Grand Large 450 exterior

Dufour Yachts

After a long pause, we continue here with Dufour Yachts, a company founded in 1964 by Michel Dufour, an … [Read More...]

Yachting News

Gulet, a wooden yacht from Turkey

Boat Types, All of Them

The list appeared on Wikipedia, so there started my inspiration for this kind of posts. The pictures are mostly from there or from other sources which will be mentioned if necessary. I don't promise the posts will be highly original, but I'm going to add my expertise whenever I'll found necessary. … [Read More...]


The Spray, Joshua Slocum's boat

Joshua Slocum’s Legacy

Joshua Slocum has been born in Nova Scotia, Canada, at February 20, 1844. He presumably died after November 14, 1909, when he disappeared while being aboard his boat, the Spray, but maybe not then. He was a Canadian naturalized American seaman and adventurer, and a noted writer famous because he was … [Read More...]

Tips & Practical Things

yacht - superyacht

The Power of Research

Wikipedia has inspired me with a new post when in making a list search, comparing it with yachtworld. Not that I hundred percent trust Wikipedia, but at least, it seems that some things are more thoroughly done than others, and in this case they were more reliable. I was looking again for a list of … [Read More...]


Swan Sailing Yacht

Yacht – Definition

As I promised, here is the first proper post on the Encyclopedia category, not in alphabetical order, but very appropriate. A yacht is a recreational boat or ship. The term originated from the Dutch "Jacht" meaning "hunt". It was originally defined as a light fast sailing vessel used by the … [Read More...]