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Bertram 80 Exterior

Bertram Yachts

In 2011, Bertram Yachts celebrated their 50th anniversary. They build sporty, powerful fishing boats. They are … [Read More...]

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Oyster 575 Front Ext

Oyster Yachts

Oyster Marine as they are called, was founded in England, in 1973. Transferring design, project management, … [Read More...]

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Monaco Yacht Show - Monte Carlo

Monaco Yacht Show 2014

Monaco Yacht Show will take place in Monte Carlo, between September 24-27, 2014. The organizers consider it the largest megayacht event on Earth. Created in 1991, the show has grown to become the ultimate luxury rendezvous for the international elite clientele. The MYS is the unique occasion in … [Read More...]


Live Aboard Sailing Boat

Leave the Comfortable City Life, and Live Aboard Your Boat

First of all, it is a big difference between just cruising and living aboard full time. Living aboard presumes that your house id your ship (sailing boat, super yacht, trawler or catamaran). Doesn't matter if you have other properties elsewhere, more the better, because maybe you need some place of … [Read More...]

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The place like your home

The Successful Turkish Broker

This blog is dedicated to yacht owners, actual or future ones, and sea lovers in general. If yacht brokers are part of this, it's a pure coincidence. As a future yacht owner, I think that you can skip working with a broker, especially if you buy a new yacht. I have recently read an article of the … [Read More...]


Bathtub Boat

Bathtub Boat – Definition

Bathtub boats are small watercraft designed around bathtubs or close facsimiles and are used in bathtub races. I have to mention that this article is based mostly on Wikipedia. Early boats were whimsical and crafted from a variety of materials. Today, most racing bathtub boats are monohull planer … [Read More...]