Motor Yachts

Fairline Squadron 48 exterior

Fairline Boats

Fairline Boats Ltd is a British luxury motor yacht builder, currently owned Better Capital. The company has … [Read More...]

Sailing Yachts

CNB 76 Exterior

CNB Yachts

CNB (Construction Navale Bordeaux) founded by Dieter Gust and Olivier Lafourcade on the right bank of the … [Read More...]

Yachting News

Stockholm International Boat Show

Stockholm International Boat Show

Stockholm International Boat Show welcomed exhibitors representing all aspects of boating and aquatic leisure activities. It started on February 28, and it was on, until March 8, 2015. Major brands of sailboats, motor yachts, boating equipments, Coast guard & emergency equipment and many more … [Read More...]


Live Aboard Sailing Boat

Leave the Comfortable City Life, and Live Aboard Your Boat

First of all, it is a big difference between just cruising and living aboard full time. Living aboard presumes that your house id your ship (sailing boat, super yacht, trawler or catamaran). Doesn't matter if you have other properties elsewhere, more the better, because maybe you need some place of … [Read More...]

Tips & Practical Things

Boat in Cumbria

Regulations, Classification and Certificates

Boat builders from everywhere have to respect certain building and security standards. They must get a handle on all the different boat building standards, rules and regulations that were ever produced. Most countries subscribe to some published set of guidelines, codes or laws that a boat builder … [Read More...]


Cape Islander Fishing Boat

Cape Islander – Definition

A Cape Island style fishing boat is an inshore motor fishing boat found across Atlantic Canada having a single keeled flat bottom at the stern and more rounded towards the bow. A Cape Island style boat is famous for its large step up to the bow. -cf. Wikipedia There is a dispute about who … [Read More...]