After a small publishing holiday, we are back with a new French yacht builder, this time one of the most famous Aluminum yacht builders in the world, Alubat.

The company was established in 1973, they have now two build yards, on over 20,000 square meters, at Fontenay Le Comte and the main yard at Chateau d’Olonne. With two lines of models, Ovni and Cigalle, and Alubat 58, a yacht a little different on it’s own, they claim their uniqueness by eliminating the costs of altering any delivered order to accommodate an one-off offer. I agree, and if one can present his plan to be accommodate in their design, with the Aluminum hull and quality wood inside, the product can be declared unique . I’m going now to show some pics and specifications for both line of sailing yachts, after that a small opinion on pricing.

They have the Ovni, as I said, 365, 395, 445 and 495. There is a prototype called Ovni Evolution 52, which they presented at Paris Show in December 2011, but I don’t think it is available for mass order yet.

Ovni 365

There aren’t significant differences technically speaking, between the above 365 and the longest one, the 495. The 365 has a LOA of 11.94 m and the 495 has a LOA of 14.95 m. This last one was created in 2007, when the 365 is as old as 2003.

Ovni 395 interior

Ovni models accomodate 2-3-4 cabins, their layouts are as flexible as anyone can imagine, since you may order your yacht by discussing directly with the CEO and the designer.

Ovni 445

Ovni 495

They all have a very classical look of an entirely wooden Turkish Gullet with Volvo motors or Yanmar. Hard to find engine room photos, and I know exactly why. They’re not “attractive”. A bottle of champagne on the saloon table is doing much better, or a lady in a foamy bath (if they have such a thing). For me it’s disgusting to use such a lure, and I’m not ever advising anyone to consider such an offer, being somehow rotten on the inside.

Cigale 14

They have some other Cigale as well, but without pictures. The 16, 18 and 22, all new models, long enough, the number represents the LOA, at least as a simple form of orientation.

They also have in development a model named Alubat 58, 17.85 m LOA, on sale with over 1.1 Million USD on YachtWorld. Hmm, the Aluminum is the new deal, I wonder how they compete with this price. The other models range is terrible dear, unfortunately. I know, they say the Aluminum is making their yachts lighter that the GRP ones (what to say about the Turkish wooden models), thus one makes a lot of economy afterwards, a speedier boat with a smaller consumption. It’s a sailing boat, they use the engine just for maneuvers, anyway… It’s a matter of tastes, anyway, if they sell good, than everybody is happy.

Alubat logo

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