Archambault Boats is a French company which produces “character sailing yachts”. They are located only a half an hour of travel from Paris, and around two hours near the Atlantic Ocean, at Chatellerault.

Featured Archambault 40

Featured Archambault 40

[source: If not specified other wise, all pictures are from the official site]

Bateaux Archambault
route de Buxières
BP 90035

tel. (33) 05 49 86 40 67
fax. (33) 05 49 86 42 58 and you have the map down, where you may scroll and zoom how much you want :).



They build competition yachts with the following range of models: A40RC, A35, A31, A27, M34, Grand Surprise, Surprise, and Sprinto.

A40RC – exterior

The A40RC is equipped with two wheels, has a LOA of 11.98 m, a Beam of 3.75 m, a Draft of 2.50 m, and a Displacement of 6,650 kg.

A4RC40 – The saloon is comfortable enough

They have a Ballast capacity of 3,100 kg, Mainsail surface of 52.00 sqm, Genoa of 39.00 sq, and Spinnaker of 133 sqm

A35 – exterior

The A35 has a LOA : 10.59 m, a Beam of 3.55 m, and a Draft of 2.10 m at a Displacement of 4,450 kg.

A35 – Galley

They have a Ballast capacity of 1,990 kg, Mainsail surface of 38.00 sqm, Genoa of 29.50 sqm and a Spinnaker of 95.00 sqm.

A27 – exterior

I present here now, the A27, which has a LOA of 8.35 m, a Beam of 2.98 m, and a Draft of 1.75 m, at a Displacement of 2,150 kg

A27 – saloon

They have a Ballast capacity of 828 kg, Mainsail surface of 24.00 sqm, Genoa of 19.00 sqm and a Spinnaker of 80.00 sqm

M34 exterior

The M34 has the LOA of 10.34 m, the Beam of 2.98 m, and the Draft of 2.50 / 1.80 m at a Displacement of 2,700 kg. The Ballast capacity is 1,050 kg, the Mainsail surface is 42.00 sqm, the Genoa 29.00 sqm and the Spinnaker is 130.00 sqm.

Grand Surprise

Grand Surprise is designed to be a very fast boat. With a LOA of 9.54 m, a Beam of 2.95 m, and a Draft of 2.05 m, at a Displacement of 2650 kg

Grand Surprise toilet

The Ballast capacity is of 1050 kg, Mainsail surface is 33.30 sqm, Genoa is 22.80 sqm, and the Spinnaker is 77.00 sqm


There are more than 1,800 of Sprinto sailing. At a LOA of 7.65 m, a Beam of 2.48 m and a Draft between 0.8 to 1.0 m, at a Displacement of 1,350 kg. Ballast capacity is 600 kg, Mainsail surface is 16.50 sqm, the Genoa is 15.00 sqm, and the Spinnaker is 45.00 sqm


Sprinto is the smallest model, at a LOA of 6.60 m, a Beam of 2.30 m, and a Draft between 0.2 to 1.60 m, to a Displacement of 700 kg. The Ballast capacity of 225 kg, Mainsail surface of 19.50 sqm, Genoa of 7.50 sqm, Spinnaker of 40.00 sqm

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Coming back to Archambault, they have decks injected under vacuum and the hulls are impregnated by infusion using 70% of glass fiber and 30% of resin. The hull of the A35, was the first in the world to be infused under vacuum. Nonetheless, this model is the winner of numerous yachting competition.

Archambault logo

In prices range, being the best in the field, they’re not quite cheap. For sample a Grand Surprise can be founded at around $50k and the A35 at over $100k, even over $200k, depending on the fabrication year.

[All pics are from their site, you can check theme there, the link is on first paragraph.]

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