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What a pity!

Experience Antigua Sailing Week aboard this highly competitive Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.
We have crew spaces for this great regatta which is one of the biggest in the Caribbean series.

Warm water sailing at its best. Antigua Sailing Week has become one of the biggest events in the international sailing calendar. It is also one of the most fantastic times to visit Antigua and take advantage of the island-wide party scene throughout the event.

Most of the racing is off the south coast of Antigua with some of the fleet going up the west coast to Jolly Harbour. The Event Village is located in Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour and is the central point at which all the crews gather after the day’s racing is finished to exchange stories and enjoy happy hour.

Hallberg-Rassy 37 ext

Hallberg-Rassy 37 ext


There is a combination of background and live music every day and evening in the Event Village and some nights there are parties in various other locations.

Great Escape offers the opportunity to be aboard a highly competitive race boat and share in the excitement and glamour of one of the finest sailing events in the world. There are crew places available, click on the photograph for further information.

If you click not on the pic, but on the source (I try to always taking care for such details especially when it’s worth), you’ll see what I mean. I have just received the letter, as a “newsletter” from, a site with a broken and incomplete calendar. They can have in me a support for what they’re announcing. I was very disappointed to check what they write.

You’ll find this advert there, the one referring to crew members:

Looking for Crew

Looking for Crew

Do you have any idea, when exactly they sent me the letter? Yesterday, or the day before yesterday. As I already said, I’ve just read it. There are some more things which I’m going to discuss on a future post. As I said, a pity. I’m sure they found crew, and if not, it’s only their fault because they advertised to the wrong site.

My tip for all of you who want to announce something of value, is to do it in time, with a carefully planned budget, to reachable people, with achievable results!

By the way, anyone in need of a banner, space on this site or something like that, is free to contact me anytime. I promise to find the time to help you with reciprocal gain.


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